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What’s it really like to do business in China? Bridging East and West, this is a practical guide to succeeding in the most vibrant business environment on the planet!


Whether you are a corporate manager seeking to improve your company’s performance in Asia, or an entrepreneur looking for your next opportunity, Steve short circuits your learning curve by sharing with you his sometimes-painful experiences and recommending specific solutions.


A sourcing veteran who has made Hong Kong and Shanghai his home for the last two decades., he guides you through:

  • how trust is at the heart of building business, and how to develop it in a way best suited to China


  • how best to negotiate, and ensure the deal sticks


  • how to go about developing your own network, and build your Asian platform

  • converting adversity into opportunity, including dealing with Intellectual Property rights infringements, integrity issues and being cheated.


Anyone who wants to buy or source product from China will benefit hugely from this insider’s view of what works and what doesn’t, so you can accelerate your own business. Steve dismantles the “urban myths” surrounding Chinese suppliers with multiple tricks and tips for sourcing products in China for Western markets. If you are struggling with the recent supply chain disruptions caused by the corona virus, Steve will help lay down the principles to get you priority in your factories and secure deliveries.


Since publishing his first book in 2019, Steve's focus has switched to strategically offshoring production from China to other countries. His new book will address these challenges and offer a practical guide on how to reduce dependence upon China whilst retaining control of production.

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