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Read Steve's book:

"Make it in China - The 6 Secrets to Successful Sourcing"


Hong Kong:

  • Available in Hong Kong at Bookazine or by email address below

  • HKD115 per paperback copy

  • Free delivery

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55Consulting's EXPERTISE:



  • Navigating the impact of the coronavirus on supply chains

  • Surviving & Thriving  the current Trade War between US and China

  • Setting up new Asian Sourcing Offices

  • ​Optimizing existing Sourcing Offices

  • Sourcing Product in Asia at lower prices

  • Ensuring integrity of Asian operations

Read my Blog to learn more about how Steve and team are assisting clients to minimise supply chain disruptions due to the coronavirus impact on workers returning to factories, quarantine restrictions, inland freight restrictions and dealing with freight forwarders.

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